Hair Care Routine 2017

Hello, all you lovely people! It’s been a long time since we’ve posted really…anything and for that we are sorry! We are back though and we have some really cool posts coming up now so make sure you click that follow button so that you can receive notifications for when we post! Now onto my hair care routine!

Last August I cut 8 inches off my hair and while I loved it, I will admit I missed my long hair instantly.

My hair has gone through quite a bit of transition this year from colours to cuts to bleach and I’ve managed to not only make it grow faster but also stronger by changing up a few things in my hair care routine and also some lifestyle changes.

First, dry shampoo has become my new best friend! My favourite is the Batiste Original Dry Shampoo because it instantly refreshes my hair without leaving any weird residue (although I will tell you that the XXL Volume dry shampoo does leave a weird feeling in your hair and is not brush friendly!). Anyways, back to the Original Dry Shampoo. It retails for roughly 8 dollars and is a complete game changer. I find my hair reacts weirdly to dry shampoos and this is the first one I have never had any problems with! With this dry shampoo, I can get away with washing my hair once to twice a week!

Second, I’ve changed my shampoo and conditioner. I’ve switched to using purple shampoo and conditioner to help tone my transitioning blonde hair. I use John Frieda’s Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner and have found that it has really helped keep my blonde from turning brassy (which is not a good look!).

Third, my hairdresser swears by BC Hairtherapy Repair Rescue and I have to agree! I use a small amount of product and run it through my hair after a shower, really working it into my ends. This has helped prevent my hair from getting dry, frizzy and my ends from splitting.

Fourth, I only colour (foil) my hair every 5 – 6 weeks which helps prevent breakage since my hair is given a nice break between sessions and isn’t completely bleached to hell (pardon my language).

Fifth, gummies. Yep I said it, gummies. Every day I eat 2 Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin and I have noticed quite a difference in not only my hair but my nails and skin as well so those are a plus! My hairdresser even commented on how quick my hair has been growing these past few months!

Finally, I use a lot less heat than I used to! I let my hair air dry most days as it’s naturally wavy. I use the lowest heat setting on all my tools when I do use heat (although I have to get in the habit of heat protectant because I seriously slack there!). I have found hairstyles that require little to no heat (keep an eye out for that post soon!) and have found my hair thanks me for it!

Just a few extra tips! If you find your hair is dry or damaged there are so many hair masks you can use to help but also coconut oil is amazing as well! My sister has extremely curly, thick hair that tangles a crazy amount and she puts coconut oil in her hair for 10 minutes, washes it out and goes on with her hair washing routine and she can actually run a brush through it and it’s softer!

I hope you found this helpful and maybe found some new products to try! What are some of your must-have hair products? Leave a comment and let me know!

Michaela Kathleen




Ipsy March 2016

I had this post written ages ago but I kept forgetting to take pictures of the products (I’d lose my head if it was screwed on I swear) so here it is, my first impressions for the March Ipsy bag. You know what they say, better late than never!

Beau Gâchis Paris Eyeshadow Brush


Product Description: Beau Gâchis® Paris’ Cosmetic Eyeshadow Brush enables beautiful, flawless application of loose and cream shadows. This handmade brush distributes pigment evenly and smoothly, and can be used to apply powder, liquid or cream products as well.

  • Individually constructed from the finest animal hair and purest synthetic fibers for quality and durability
  • Ultra soft bristles that blend easily and soften lines
  • Matte black wooden handle and durable ferrules as used by professionals

First Impression: It’s a good brush and it does it’s job so I can’t really complain!

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco 3 Day Smooth Perfect Blow Dry Cream


Product Description: A unique combination of ultra-light Mediterranean Olive Oil and Argan Oil – the ancestral beauty secret of Morocco – plus Shea Butter and our exclusive anti-frizz lock technology makes curls and waves desirably straight. Keratin deeply penetrates to strengthen while Vitamin E nourishes. Your hair will be glossy, ultra-smooth and full of body.

  • Maintains smooth hair for up to 3 days
  • Frizz lock technology removes frizz
  • Strengthens and seals split ends

First Impression: Let me start off by saying I love Marc Anthony’s Morocco line (I have the shampoo, conditioner and body wash) so when I saw this in my Ipsy bag I was so excited! The only problem is that it’s a blow dry cream and I don’t blow dry my hair. I have very thick hair that is also quite long so I never blow dry it (it literally takes 45 minutes at least to dry). However I thought I’d try this so I applied it to damp hair (it smells so good by the way) and dried my hair (not fully) and noticed that it did help with my frizz. However this is only day one so I’m not sure how it will be tomorrow. So far I like it though!

Vera Mona Lotus Eyeshadow in Clover

12476867_10205851503231074_1707379532_o (1)

Product Description:  This beautiful pink-toned shimmer eyeshadow is the perfect shade to achieve a soft glowy look for Spring.

  • Travel-size
  • Pink shimmer shade

First Impression: This shadow is so beautiful! I love the colour (it’s honestly perfect for spring) and it’s so easy to blend. I wore it in my crease and loved how subtle but pretty it was. Definitely love this shadow!

Pixi by Petra Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold


Product Description:  This silky blush gives the perfect sheer flush on the apples of your cheeks. Its natural mineral powder formula reflects light, applies true to colour, is hydrating and feels lightweight on the skin. Each duo features two shades to be worn alone or layered.

  • Natural-looking glow
  • Apply with a fluffy soft brush

First Impression: I’ve said it many times, I’m not a real blush fan. I don’t go out looking for blush (because my cheeks are naturally really rosey) but I was so excited for this blush! I love the colours and how subtle it is. There is shimmer in it but it’s honestly not over whelming, defiantly a workable blush. I actually used the lighter gold shade as a highlight as well (not sure if you are suppose to or not) and it works really well which is great for me considering I don’t own any!

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Pink Lust


Product Description:  Doll up your lips with plush and vibrant color! NYX’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick glides on smooth and sets into a striking matte finish. Velvety soft and waterproof, this long-lasting lippie creates a positively polished look with every swipe.

  • Waterproof, liquid lipstick infused with avocado oil and Vitamin E
  • Super pigmented lipstick goes on opaque and dries to matte finish
  • Delivers long-wearing, vivid color in one creamy swipe

First Impression: For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to try NYX Cosmetics so when I saw this in the sneak peak, I was immediately excited! I really wanted the shade Soft Spoken but I am so pleased with Pink Lust! I love the formula of this cream lipstick however it does stain your lips so just be prepared for that. Pink Lust is very bright so if you aren’t a fan of bright colours this is not the colour for you however the cream lipsticks themselves are amazing. I loved them so much I actually went out and bought two more; Sway (lilac purple, very pretty) and Vintage (which is a beautiful maroon colour).

Overall Impression: Overall I am so pleased with my Ipsy bag this month! I wasn’t a big fan of the actual bag itself when I saw it but it’s slowly growing on me (it’s probably the biggest one too which is nice, more stuff!). This bag just reinforces my love for Ipsy!





Favourites: February 2016

This month of February has come and gone (pretty sure I slept through most of it) and it’s that time for the monthly favourites! This month I haven’t really tried any new makeup products but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any favourites for you!

The Balm Cosmetics: Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Committed ($17.00)

I only have the sample size of this product (shout out to Sylvie for giving it to me) and I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to get my hands on the full size product. Ok so why do I love this liquid lipstick? It’s long lasting (as it says in the name) and the colour is amazing! I don’t normally buy any nude or light pink lip products10376503_10205692855064969_1092790893_o (I’m all about the dark or bright colours) but this colour is so beautiful, it is my go to lip colour when I don’t feel like blinding people with hot pinks or purples. Here’s a picture of me wearing Committed on my lips (ignore my brows, I know they are a mess. I promise I’m getting them done soon!).

BC Hairtherapy Repaire Rescue Sealed Ends ($20.00 approx.) 

This is my favourite hair product I’ve ever had! I have quite long hair and I’ve been growing it out for a while and I honestly believe this product is one of the reasons I haven’t had to cut my hair for months (literally). This product is made to help keep your ends from splitting and breaking. I usually apply it to wet/ damp hair after towel drying my hair. I have found when I don’t use this product I can feel it as my hair isn’t as soft and doesn’t look as healthy. I’ve been using this product for about 2 years and I highly recommend it!

NYR Mineral Foundation in Light Cool ($42.00)

Ok I will be 100% honest, I have no idea where this product came from. I found it in my bathroom one day (I’m assuming it’s my mother’s from when she was visiting me back in January) but one day I couldn’t find my setting powder so I said “screw it” and used this to set my under eye concealer and I have used it every day since! It’s a really light weight foundation (obviously because it’s mineral) and it’s so beautiful. Now I have no idea what I’m going to do when this runs out because hello I’m in love with it. It doesn’t settle into my fine lines and helps keep my dark under eyes covered without being cakey. The only downfall is it’s £22.50 and that converted is about $42 CAD which is quite a lot but never the less this has been a favourite product of mine this month!

BirchBox February 2016

I recently subscribed to BirchBox, which is a monthly subscription service that sends a box of 4 to 5 items of beauty related products so very simple to Ipsy. Since the Canadian dollar is so low right now BirchBox has suspended their current services for Canada so this is the only box I will be receiving and from my first impression of the box, I’m not too torn up about it.


Naobay HydeaPlus Cream ($43)


Product Description: This boosts moisture levels in the skin with a combination of sage extract, olive oil, aloe vera and chamomile.

First Impression: At first glance it looks like your average cream so nothing really jumped out at me. It smells like a cream my great grandmother used when I was younger, a mixture between oil (not necessarily olive) and aloe vera. It’s not an unpleasant smell but it certainly isn’t my favourite. The creams leaves your skin feeling tacky and not smooth once it’s rubbed in. I have eczema and I found this cream irritated my skin a bit, not too much but enough to notice.

12765649_10205625382178189_2018429866_o Number 4 Fluoro Elixer Restore & Repair Oil ($30)

Product Description: This strand-saving elixer gives drab, dull hair a coveted movie star shine.

First Impression: I am actually very excited for this product. I love getting new things to try on my hair and this is no exception. It has a nice scent (floral maybe? I can’t really explain it) which stays with your hair and gives your hair a really nice shine. I have purple, pink and blue in my hair and this product made the colours more vibrant so I would say this is a huge win for me but I’m not sure if I would use it on my roots just because of how shinny and I’m scared it will look greasy.


CLEAN White Woods Eau de Parfum ($44-79)

Product Description: Top notes of bergamot, mandarin, and black pepper are followed by notes of magnolia, lily and vanilla orchard.

First Impression: Ok I’m not going to lie; I am very picky about perfumes and this one was no exception. I didn’t think I’d like it from the product description and while it isn’t the worst perfume, it’s not something I would pick out for myself. Also a little goes a long way, this perfume is very strong.

12787442_10205625382458196_71098337_oObsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar -Black Metal Dahlia ($18)

Product Description: Apply the tiniest bead of this cruelty-free, cult favourite liquid lipstick to lips for matte, opaque coverage.

First Impression: This is the product I picked for my birchbox and I’m in love (I clearly made the right choice!). The colour is beautiful (although very dark) however because it’s in a test tube it isn’t easy to apply and it makes more of a mess than anything but I do love the product and I’ll just have to use a lip brush to apply it.

12773307_10205625382538198_1312867384_o Cynthia Rowley Beauty Black Eyeliner ($18)

Product Description: A luxe, creamy liner from the NYC-based designer for smudge proof, all-day wear.

First Impression: love this eyeliner! I have said it time and time again I am not an eyeliner person (simply because I don’t have the patience) but this eyeliner is amazing and I can’t wait to start wearing it! It’s creamy and it’s the blackest eyeliner I have ever had! I love how creamy it is and that it’s long wear (no joke I swatched in on my wrist and then had a shower and had to scrub it off that’s how good it is!). This is defiantly my favourite product out of the whole box!

Final Impression: I honestly wasn’t too impressed with BirchBox this month. I was expecting more because of all the good things I heard about them but alas that’s life. I do really love the eyeliner and the repair hair oil so it wasn’t a complete loss.