MAC Fashion Pack

One of MAC Cosmetics latest makeup lines has been inspired by Barbie! This line came out


By Special Order – an Amplified lipstick; meaning that it goes on creamy, has shine to it, and is highly pigmented. This is a dark pink described as reddened fuschia on their website (but has more of a bright, pink tone on). The colour is shiny and creamy, giving you the most perfect Barbie pout you could ask for. I was not expecting the colour to go on as light as it does (I was expecting more of a raspberry colour), but was delighted to find that this colour is the perfect hot pink, while also drawing attention to your lips it does not blind everyone. Retails for $21 CAD



Style Matters – Studio Nail Lacquer. This nail polish is absolutely gorgeous on. It has a gel-shine to it and the green is creamy looking with hints a sparkle/shimmer. I didn’t bother putting a topcoat on with this nail polish and so far it’s barely chipped -which is significant for me because I use my hands a lot for work and nail polish usually does not last long at all. This is one of my favourite nail colours ever and I’m extremely impressed by the formula. Retails for $14 CAD

Runway Worthy – Eye Shadow x 9. This pallet is what made me decided that I needed to buy a few items from this collection. To me it just embodies Barbie.The colours from left to right going down are Runway Worthy (light nude shimmer), Paradise Island (light bubble gum pink – mostly matte with a couple of sparkles but no shimmer), Hypnotizing (light dusty rose with silver shimmer), Dress Me Up (beige/pink shimmer), Available in Petite (Hot Pink shimmer with silver sparkles). Zip Me Up (bright purple shimmer with hints of sparkles), Nice Fit (charcoal grey with hints of purple shimmer), Frock Talk (raspberry purple simmer with hints of sparkle), and Snappy Style (dark purple with hints of red and shimmer).


Right now my favourite colours are Paradise Island, Dress Me Up, Frock Talk, and Snappy Style. Snappy Style and Frock Talk are great to use in making smoky eyes but just using a bit of colour as an ascent to make your smokey eye more dramatic -especially if you’re doing a nude smokey eye. Frock Talk is very similar to cranberry but with more purple, and Zip Me Up reminds me of MAC’s Heroine matte lipstick.  Retails for $42 CAD



Dreamy Velvet Foundation

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Processed with VSCO with t1 preset 

Maybelline NewYork’s new(er) Dream Velvet Foundation is one of those products that is just so cute you have to try it. I have always stayed away from buying drugstore foundations because A) my skin is very light and it’s hard for me to find an exact match and B) I have a hard time trusting drugstore brands because I don’t want to waste my money on something that is not being picked out by a beauty expert for me. However, when I saw this product on sale all bets were off and I decided to get the lightest shade (05 Warm Porcelain) and just hope for the best.

This foundation is a bit darker than my skin (sad really), it is a little noticeable so I didn’t bother contouring my face or using bronzer and I left my hair down so that no one would see the line. However, the foundation its self is really good for a drugstore brand. It’s a thicker, gel-mouse formula that provides full coverage when only using a little of the product. So if you can find your exact match than this product is perfect. I did find that it was a little caky going on by honestly as long as you know how to blend out your foundation then there is no problem with this product.

This foundation is more ideal for oily-normal skin, and is great at covering up imperfections. Because this foundation is heavier I would not recommend wearing it during the summer because it may be easily sweater off and run. This product would be best for Autumn and Winter when products are not as likely to be sweated off or feel to heavy on the face. For summer I don’t like wearing anything on my face just because my skin gets so oily (especially when it’s hot outside) and my skin tends to absorb dirt into my pours more during the summer, causing more breakouts.

I don’t know if I would buy this foundation again just because I like trying new products and I would rather get an exact match than settle for something that’s just slightly to dark for my skin. However I do like this formula so once Fall comes around I will probably use this product more. I don’t remember how much I paid for this product but it was roughly $10 CAD. which is a usual price for Maybelline foundations. Overall I would give this foundation a 3.5-4 stars. I have used better products but this is definitely the best drugstore foundation I have tried and have actually worn on my face out in public.

Adrienne’s May Favourites

Well I decided this summer that I would try to post more on our blog, starting with some monthly favourites. So here we go and hopefully you all like my choices or are inspired to try them yourselves.

Smashbox Full Exposer Mascara:


I feel like this has been a favourite of all of ours on this blog. I started out with two sample sizes of this product in October and November and I recently just purchased the full size. This product is an absolute life saver. I am the type to constantly try new mascaras because who doesn’t love new mascaras but after I have been using this product I don’t think I could go back. It lengths my lashes, gives them depth and volume with no clumps. I do always brush my lashes out with a clean mascara brush to help separate my lashes but honestly there is barely any separation that  needs to happen.


Of course I am still going to continue to test new mascaras out because honestly it’s just so fun but this will continue to be my go to. It works for every occasion and helps me achieve a natural eyelash look (I am blonde so my eyelashes are pretty light without mascara and I like having my eyelashes look a little bit darker while looking natural). This product retails for $25 on Sephora 

Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium:


I purchased this product half way through May so I haven’t been using it for very long, however compared to the other brow products I have been using this is hands down the best. I love simple, easy to use products, especially if I am just doing something quick for my makeup. I use this product practically everyday now and my eyebrows feel naked with out it. This product is perfect for anyone who likes their brows to look a little more bold and firmly in place, while still looking natural and not like they’re overly done up.


This product is a tinted brow volumizing fibre gel that helps make you eyebrows look put together. I have kind of splotchy eyebrows so I have a few little gaps where they hair is either not there or is super light (because I am blonde) and this product helps to fill that in and make them look even. I use the shade Light/Medium which is perfect for blonde’s (or light brunette’s) looking to get bolder, natural looking eyebrows. This product retails for $30 at Sephora.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Soft Spoken:


The March Ipsy glam bag featured this product and two other colours (Kitten Heals and Pink Lust) . I received Kitten Heals; a bright red and when I tried it I instantly fell in love with the formula. However, I have lately been loving nude lip colours so when my local Shoppers Drug Mart started carrying NYX I knew I had to get more. I chose this colours because I like something a little darker than nude but still in the colour range. This product stays for about 4 + hours on my lips, even when I’m drinking. I’ve tried some of NYX’s other lip products but their Liquid Suede is my favourite line so far. It dries matte but it leaves your lips feeling soft and not overly dry looking. This product retails for $10 on the brands website.