Paula Dorf Baby Eyes Enhancer

In my February Ipsy bag, I received an eye enhancer that I expected I would never use. I tried it with my friend, solely so that I could see what it looks like so that I could review it on my Ipsy account. The full sized item costs $20.00 and you can buy it from the Paula Dorf website.


It’s called the Paula Dorf Enhancer Baby Eyes. You apply it like an eyeliner, but on your waterline. You can also use it on the inner corner of your eye, as well. It makes your eyes look bigger and enhances them by making them pop more. Sliding the pencil across my waterline felt very ticklish, and I am assuming it’s because I don’t often wear eyeliner and when I do it’s not on my waterline, so my eyes are not used to that feeling.

It tickled my eyes at first, but I was fine after. It really does look like baby eyes. I would give it a 10/10.

Because it is a pink colour that does not fully match skin colour, you’d definitely need mascara to make it look more blended instead of a pink line.

When I applied it, my friends mom said “wow, does it ever lighten up your eyes”, which shows how much this product works and does it’s job. It definitely made my eyes look bigger.

I like it more than using white eyeliner. White looks very unnatural when people apply it on the waterline, but the pink looks so natural that you can’t even tell.


What do I think? I think that it’s a great product, and if you’re looking for ways to make your eyes pop, this very well could be your answer. I may not purchase it myself, but only because I’m just not interested in using a product like this, especially since I’m more of a five-minute-routine kind of girl. However, on a night that I do my makeup because I’m going out, I will probably did through my makeup drawer to find this gem.


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