Elizabeth Mott’s Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer


This eye shadow primer is just WOW! The holy grail of all shadow primers. I received this primer in my December Ipsy bag and it has lasted me for about 2 months now. This primer from Elizabeth Mott is phenomenal. I usually do my makeup around 7-8am and it last me with no creases for at least 12 hours, even if I slightly rub my eyes. I have used samples of Urban Decay shadow primers and the Original is pretty close to having the same results but it’s just not as good. I also find that the Urban Decay Anti-Aging primer (which I accidentally grabbed instead of the Original at Sephora) and I find that that shadow primer doesn’t stop my shadow from creasing and within 4-5 hours my eyelids feel oily and my shadow  is just not having a good time.

I will definitely be repurchasing this product once I run out. I definitely am thanking Elizabeth Mott later every day.

This product retails for $20


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