Kat Von D: Monarch Pallet

I have never owned anything from the Kat Von D line (because I have no credit card and I don’t live near any store that sells it which majorly sucks) however my mom recently came to visit and surprised me with two products from Kat Von D (you the real MVP mom), a liquid lipstick and the Monarch pallet. I instantly fell in love with both products (review on the liquid lipsticks to come!).


(top from left to right: entomology, telepathy, tiny death; bottom from left to right: wrath, papilio, summerfly, killing jar, delaney, vanish, disintegration, shadow box, dead head)

The Sephora site tells us that the shadows are triple-milled (which I had no idea what that meant but figured it out as soon as I touched them because talk about soft!) and is infused with antioxidants (include rose extract and vitamins A, C and E). With 12 gorgeous shades this pallet is great for any look you are going for.The colours from Monarch are gorgeous! The pigmentation is incredible and you do not need a lot of product on your brush to create a beautiful look (I mainly use bolder looks with this pallet) with the colours looking extremely close on as they do in the pan.

My most used colours are: wrath, summerfly, vanish and entomology.

The pallet sells for $55 from Sephora.



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