UD: Naked 1, 2 & 3

I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay (obvs) so it’s not wonder that as soon as I was able to I got my hands on the Naked pallets (I know I don’t have Smokey yet but I’m working on it!) with 12 gorgeous shadows per pallet. Now the golden question, are they really worth it for the price ($54)? I would argue yes and let me tell you why.

Naked 1: 


Ok so lets start with the Naked 1 (because going in order just makes sense) anyways this is the most neutral pallet in the collection and was the first one I ever purchased. I’ve had my fair share of neutral pallets over the years but let me tell you this none of them compare to the naked pallet! (ok michaela calm down). The colour pigmentation is incredible and they last all day. Use their primer potion and you are guaranteed to have no creasing (although I don’t find the colours crease anyways but the extra reassurance is always nice). My most used colours are naked, virgin, half baked, hustle, buck and smog

Naked 2: 


Right so onto the Naked 2. I really love this pallet but it is my least used out of the 3 I own. I’m very pale in complexion (like white sheets are jealous of me) so I’m still playing around with the darker colours. However the quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows are out.of.this.world. I did a soft smokey eye (using suspect, pistol and busted) and I barely had to use any shadow and it was still gorgeous! If you are looking for darker colours but aren’t quite comfortable with the Smokey pallet then I highly recommend the Naked 2! My most used colours are bootycall (love that name!), chopper, tease, YDK, and busted.

Naked 3: 


The Naked 3, how do I even begin to explain the beauty that is the Naked 3? First of all, rose gold. I am obsessed with rose gold so this pallet is my dream. I love the colours and (again like with the first 2) the pigmentation is amazing. I am personally convinced that Urban Decay can do no wrong and could not make a single bad product (I am obsessed though so I may be a bit biased). Anyways the colours are incredible and they all work together so incredibly well and they are so easy to blend and I could literally go on forever about why you need this pallet in your life. I would say it is my current favourite Naked pallet (you can probably see why!). My most used colours are dust, trick and blackheart (seriously so incredible!).

This picture I’ve used called Blackheart Darkheart but in my pallet it’s called Blackheart (did UD make a typo?) 

So are they worth the money? I’d argue yes. While you can get away with not owning all of them, I think every makeup lover needs at least 1 Naked pallet in their lives.

shop the entire Naked line 

*disclaimer: the header image is mine but all other photos are from urbandecay.com (I tried to take pictures of the colours and wasn’t doing them justice!)


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